A look back at the site

RainbowNation.com in 1999
At the launch in 1999

RainbowNation.com in 2004
5 years at 2004

RainbowNation.com in 2008
Before our 10th Birthday in 2008
Tuesday, 26th March 2019

About RainbowNation

Our History

RainbowNation.com was launched 10 years ago in May 1999. At the time a dollar cost R6, a pound R10, the gold price was $286 and there was an estimated 600,000 South Africans living outside South Africa.

Over the next 10 years the site has grown in size from an initial 2,000 page views a month to today's 200,0000 generated by 75,000 unique monthly visitors.

In the first year less than 10% of traffic originated from South Africa. Today 45% of the traffic originates from South Africa with UK (22%), USA (10%) and Australia (5%) making up the rest.

We like to think that today we are the largest online community of International South Africans and our aim remains the same as it was back in May 1999:

"To provide South Africans, no matter where they live in the world, the ability to connect online, share knowledge and feel at home."

Our Mission

To be the leading International South African's Community we will strive to:

The Team

The RainbowNation team is made up of a small number of people spread across the world who have a passion for all things South African.  The team devote their time to ensuring that RainbowNation.com connects South Africans around the world and showcases South Africa.
All members of the team have lived in South Africa as well as other countries. This gives us a unique view both from home and abroad.

What People have said about us

Ananzi.co.za - Voted us one of their "10 ten sites"
This is what they said about the site:
Yes, we have heard the term "rainbow nation" being loosely bandied about since 1994. If it has since lost some significance for you, then go to Rainbownation.com. This site is loaded with information about the country, as well as advice, news and general tips regarding emigration and immigration. There are details to be discovered that some of us never knew before and stuff that may help rekindle possibly dormant patriotic feelings. Dubbed "the international South African's community", Rainbownation.com will benefit both the local and those on far shores.

A South African couple on the move ...
"Thank you for an absolutely FABULOUS site! My husband and I are moving to Munich, Germany for a few years and are completely daunted (and somewhat excited) about the whole move. This site however, is certainly guiding us through the process, a constant reminder of vital things to remember."

An International South African ...
"I am impressed with the information available on your web site and I only wish I'd used it when I moved from SA. to Vancouver Canada 18 months ago."

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us please use our contacts form to send us a message.